Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Lösche
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The Cosmic Tarot

Alternate Version of The Moon
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Walter Holl had this to say about the above card:

"An earlier version of the card 'The Moon' which led to the contract with FX Schmid. One can see the other style of technique. The artwork was an acrylic painting. FX Schmid decided that they wanted coloured ink-drawings since they are more in the tradition of playing cards. FX Schmid was the biggest manufacturer of playing cards and the Cosmic Tarot was the first Tarot Deck they ever published. They were also producing jigsaw-puzzles and games."

All graphics used with the kind permission of Mr Walter Holl and the artist Norbert Lösche.
Please respect the hard work and copyright of the artist and do not take anything from this site.
Thank you.

If you're interested in buying or licensing some of Mr Lösche's artwork, please visit:




Cosmic Tarot General Information

This beautiful and popular Tarot deck was published in 1988 and consists of 78 cards. It was first published by FX Schmid, a bavarian company. Unfortunately this company was sold in the 1990s and Lösche's agent, Walter Holl, had to find a new publisher - AGM AGMüller in Switzerland.

When AGM AGMüller took over the publishing of the deck Mr Holl encourages Lösche to write his book, which was published by Urania. Until now it is only translated into Spanish, but you could visit the website of the publishers, AGM AGMüller, and ask if there are any plans to translate it into English.

For more information about the Spanish edition have a look further down the page by clicking the link.

There are several familiar faces in the deck as some of the figures are based on Hollywood movie stars. To view more card graphics visit:

There are two books by other people about the deck:

The Cosmic Tarot by Jean Huets and

The Cosmic Tarot: Signposts Along The Path by Laura Clarson. It is this book that identifies the characters in the cards.

Walter Holl said:

"Laura Clarson had personal contact with us. We greatly appreciated her love and
excitement for the Cosmic Tarot. Since FX Schmid was not into publishing books
(They were a game company), her book would not be translated into german.

Clarson has also written
Tarot Unveiled : The Method to Its Magic to go with the
Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck.

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Cosmic Tarot Cards and Book Cover
The Magician © Norbert Lösche The High Priestess © Norbert Lösche The Lovers © Norbert Lösche Cosmic Tarot Book © Norbert Lösche
Click images to see larger graphic.
© Norbert Lösche

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Available in Spanish - 'Cosmic Tarot' book by Norbert Lösche
Norbert Lösche's book was published in Spain in 2001.

If you would like a copy in Spanish, contact:

8681 NW 66 street
MIAMI FL 33166
Tlf. (305) 406 2292
Fax. (305) 406 2293
Thanks to José María Martín - Executive Manager of Arkano Books: [the website will be up soon], for the information, and Norbert Lösche's agent, Walter Holl for passing it on.

L.D. BOOKS INC. are a distributor for Arkano Books

The contact address for Arkano Books is:
Distribuciones Alfaomega S.L.
Alquimia, 6, P.I. Los Rosales
28933 Móstoles (Madrid)
Tlf. +34 91 617 08 67
Fax. +34 617 97 14

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List of Cards and Suits

Das Cosmic Tarot - Informationen von der Verpackung und aus dem kleinen weißen Booklet. The Cosmic Tarot – Information from Box and Little White Book.
Zur Struktur des Tarot

22 Großen Arkana
56 Kleine Arkana
The Structure of the Tarot

22 Major Arcana
56 Minor Arcana
Die große Arkana:

0. Der Narr

I. Der Magier

II. Die Hohepriesterin

III. Die Herrscherin

IV. Der Herrscher

V. Der Hierophant

VI. Die Liebenden

VII. Der Wagen

VIII. Gerechtigkeit

IX. Der Eremit

X. Rad des Schicksals

XI. Kraft

XII. Der Hängende


XIV. Der Ausgleich

XV. Der Teufel

XVI. Der Turm

XVII. Der Stern

XVIII. Der Mond

XIX. Die Sonne

XX. Die Zeitenwende

XXI. Die Welt

The Major Arcana:

0. The Fool

I. The Magician

II. The High Priestess

III. The Empress

IV. The Emperor

V. The Hierophant

VI. The Lovers

VII. The Chariot

VIII. Justice

IX. The Hermit

X. The Wheel of Fortune

XI. Strength

XII. The Hanged Man

XIII. Death

XIV. Temperance

XV. The Devil

XVI. The Tower

XVII. The Star

XVIII. The Moon

XIX. The Sun

XX. Judgement

XXI. The World

Die kleine Arkana











The Minor Arcana











Die Hofkarten:





The Courts Cards:





Vier Bereiche:





The Suits:





Die Sphare der Stabe (Kreuz) = Element Feuer

The realm (sphere) of Wands (clubs) = fire

Die Sphare der Kelche (Herz) = Element Wasser

The realm (sphere) of Cups (hearts) = water

Die Sphare der Schwerter (Pik) = Element Luft

The realm (sphere) of swords (spades) = air

Die Sphare der Pentakel (Karo) = Element Erde

The realm (sphere) of pentacles (diamonds) = earth

Diese einzelnen Bereich untereilen sich nochmals in die Hofkarten: Koing, Konigin, Prinz und Prinzessin; sowie in die Zahlenkarten in der Abfolge As bis Zehn. Each sphere is divided into the court cards: king, queen, prince and princess as well as a sequence of numbered cards from ace to ten.

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